Spectrum University Application Review

Spectrum University Application Review

With the completion of the UCAT, the next big step in your journey to medical school is university applications. Universities expect students to submit a written application outlining their motivation and passion for studying medicine. This can be a challenging experience for students for a number of reasons:

1. Unsure about the key criteria and qualities used by universities to screen applicants.


2. Lack of time to reflect upon their response.


3. Struggling to find the right balance between portraying themselves in a positive manner while still being humble.


Our Approach


Our programme is structured as follows:

1. Student emails us the details of the university and the specific course they have applied for, along with a draft of their written application. Student also sends a 1-page CV. Including their subjects in Year 12, their general interests and extra-curricular activities.


2. Our team of experienced doctors and professionals will review the responses and the CV. They will identify areas of strength and work on how best to use them to portray the student in a positive manner.


3. A one-to-one session (lasting 60 to 75 minutes) will be organised between the student and one of our team member. During this session, our team will discuss the application and identify changes to improve it. Student can them work on incorporating the recommendations and send their final draft for a review before submission to the universities.



Our Team


Our team consists of doctors and experienced professionals with extensive in reviewing applications for universities as well as jobs. Students have an opportunity to gain tremendous value on how to best present themselves to similar seasoned admissions officers of various universities.




A total fee of $249 is charged for the Application Review Service. This includes one face-to-face session as well as review session over email.



The venue of these sessions will either be in Leeming SHS, Shelley, Shenton College or Mount Claremont. Following enrollment, student will be will be informed of the date, time and location of the session.

Spectrum Application Review Service 1:1 Session