Spectrum GATE

Spectrum GATE offers a series of products that will provide all the support and help that students will need to prepare for the Gifted and Talented secondary selective entrance programme (year 7 of 2021). The Gifted and Talented Programme is run in several secondary schools such as Perth Modern School, Rossmoyne Senior High School and Shenton College etc. Admission to these schools is offered to students who perform well in the Academic Selective Entrance Test (ASET) conducted by the Department of Education in March 2020.

To prepare and build confidence in students who want to take the ASET, Spectrum GATE Program has designed a comprehensive package. This includes tutor enabled preparatory classes, workshops, mini-mock / sample tests and full length mock tests. These sessions are designed to prepare for ASET exam (conducted in March 2020 for entry into Year 7 in 2021), but will also help students prepare scholarship tests of private schools (conducted between March and May 2020 for entry into Year 7 in 2021).


Our Approach

Spectrum’s holistic approach not only involves challenging students, but also giving them exposure to non-academic factors, such as working under pressure, time management skills and creating a competitive environment under peer student presence.

Our full-length Mock Tests are designed to have the real exam feel. After the Mock Test is complete, we will have the tutor interactive answer discussion at a separate session on the same day. This will allow the student to review their mistakes in key questions and identify areas of improvement. The content is each Mock Test will be different.


Our Sessions

Our sessions are held at three venues – Leeming Senior High School, Shenton College and Harrisdale Senior High School. The teaching methodology and study material at all the venues will be the same.


Our Programs


Spectrum GATE Term 3 Sessions (Jul – Sep 2019)

[These sessions for 2019-20 have completed]


Spectrum GATE Term 4 Sessions (Oct – Nov 2019)

[These sessions for 2019-20 have completed]


Spectrum GATE Booster & Full-length Mock Tests (Feb – Mar 2020)

Spectrum GATE Booster workshop reinforces the concepts learnt previously and will also act as a refresher course after the summer break. This intensive session will go through techniques needed to be used to tackle all the sections of the ASET and will allow an opportunity for the students to clarify any questions or concepts with the tutors before Spectrum Full-length Mock Tests.

[NOTE: The Booster Session will be held at Leeming Senior High School only. Students enrolled for Shenton and Harrisdale to attend session at Leeming]

The Booster Sessions will be followed by five full-length Mock Tests, which will be conducted in a simulated test environment. There will be tutor enabled answer discussion on a separate session after each Mock Test.




GATE Programme for Year 9

Two Mock Tests will be conducted in February 2020. These Mock Tests are for students who are aspiring to gain entry into Year 9 in the Academic Year 2021. (For students who are in Year 7 the Academic Year 2019; Year 8 in the Academic Year 2020). These are full-length Mock Tests in simulated test conditions. The tests will be followed by a tutor enabled answer discussion. The test schedule and fee structure is available in the table below. 

[Note: Other than the Mock Tests, there are no other preparatory classes for Year 9 entry]



Note: Requests for change of venue will attract administration surcharge. Please refer FAQs for details.



If you have any further queries, please send an email to admin@spectrumknowledge.com.au.

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