Spectrum GATE Programme – For Year 7 Entry in 2024

Spectrum Knowledge has been conducting GATE classes for over 10 years with outstanding results. The Spectrum GATE programme offers a comprehensive package to support students for the Gifted and Talented secondary selective entrance programme. This programme is for students who are in Year 5 in the Academic Year 2022.

Admission to selective schools, including like Perth Modern School, Rossmoyne Senior High School, Willetton Senior High School and Shenton College, is offered to students who secure high score in the Academic Selective Entrance Test (ASET) conducted by the Department of Education in March 2023.

The ASET consists of the following four sections:

– Reading Comprehension (35 multiple choice questions to be answered in 30 minutes); 

– Communicating Ideas in Writing (1 writing prompt to be written in 25 minutes);

– Quantitative Reasoning (35 multiple choice questions to be answered in 30 minutes);

– Abstract Reasoning (35 multiple choice questions to be answered in 20 minutes)

The comprehensive package for Year 7 entry includes:

– Exclusive weekly sessions on Creative and Persuasive Writing;

– Weekly classes for the other three sections (Reading Comprehension, Quantitative             Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning);

– Weekly homework on all four sections;

– Term end mock test;

– Five full length mock tests in Term 1 of 2023.


Our Approach

Spectrum’s holistic approach not only involves challenging students, but also gives them exposure to non-academic factors, such as working under pressure, time management skills and creating a competitive environment with peer student presence. At the end of each term there is one full-length Mock Test which allows students to identify areas for improvement. The Mock Tests are followed by interactive tutor-led feedback sessions in which students can discuss their experience and raise questions or difficulties with the exam. In addition, there are a series of five Mock Tests in February and March 2023. Over the years, we have noticed that students who attend the full programme received the best value to tackle the ASET.


Skills Acquired by Students in the Programme

– creative and persuasive writing
– improved hand writing
– improved sentence structure
– improved spellings
– faster reading
– ability to absorb information from multiple options (pictures, charts, info graphics)
– improved maths skills in areas of complex and applied maths
– spatial thinking
– pattern recognition
– overall time management
– ability to judge quickly and park difficult questions to a later point
– observing and learning from other competitive kids in the class
– ability to sit for 3 hours with intermittent breaks and study with purpose
– habit of weekly homework in all four sections
– right level of confidence and early sound base for higher level university education.



The sessions are held at two venues – Leeming Senior High School and Shenton College. The teaching methodology and study material is the same at both the venues.



Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there are a limited number of places within the programme; therefore, parents are encouraged to complete the online enrolments as early as possible to avoid missing out.


Details of the programme are given below.

Our Programme


 Spectrum GATE Term 2 Sessions (May 2022– June 2022)

(for year 5 students of academic year 2022)

Spectrum GATE Term 3 Sessions (July – Sep 2022)

(for year 5 students of academic year 2022)

Spectrum GATE Term 4 Sessions (Oct – Dec 2022)

(for year 5 students of academic year 2022)

Spectrum GATE Summer Classes in January 2023

From Monday to Friday for each of the two weeks, all the four sections will be covered. On Fridays there will be a mini-mock test.

Spectrum GATE Booster & Full-length Mock Tests (Jan – Mar 2023)


The Spectrum GATE booster class reinforces the concepts learnt in previous classes and acts as a refresher course after the summer break. This intensive session explains helpful techniques for tackling each section of the ASET and also allows an opportunity for students to clarify any questions or concepts with the tutors. The booster class is followed by five full-length mock tests, which are conducted in a simulated test environment. There is an interactive tutor-led feedback session in which students can discuss their experience and raise questions or difficulties after each Mock Test.

[NOTE: The booster class will be held at Leeming Senior High School and will be held at Shenton if more than 5 students there.]



  • Leeming Senior High School (English Block), Aulberry Parade, Leeming. WA 6149.
  • Shenton College (Borneo House), 227 Stubbs Terrace, Shenton Park. WA 6005.

Note: Requests for change of venue will attract administration surcharge. Please refer FAQs for details.



If you have any further queries, please send an email to admin@spectrumknowledge.com.au.

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