Spectrum UCAT

Spectrum UCAT

Perth’s Only Face-to-Face UCAT Preparation Program

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is an aptitude test required for admission into most medical schools in Australia. Spectrum’s UCAT program is Perth’s only face-to-face UCAT preparation program and offers students a unique opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. Our UCAT tutoring program has helped hundreds of students over the past 7 years secure admission into the course of their dreams!

Our Approach

Spectrum’s holistic approach to UCAT involves weekly classes throughout the year that are designed to improve students’ understanding and knowledge of core UCAT concepts. Students have the opportunity to be tutored by experienced doctors and medical students who have sat the UMAT/UCAT themselves and have extensive experience tutoring the UCAT. During each session, students will be provided with customised worksheets for each session and will have the opportunity to work through these questions followed by a tutor assisted answer discussion.


Our Programs



Full Term Spectrum UCAT Classes

Year 12: Term 1 Classes

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Year 12: Term 2 Classes


Mock UCAT Exams


Year 12 Gold Package 

Year 11 UCAT Programs 

Year 11: Term 1 Classes

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Year 11: Term 2 Classes


Year 11: Platinum Package


Tutor profile

All teaching is exclusively conducted by experienced UWA medical students who sat medical admissions tests such as the UCAT themselves and have extensive tutoring experience. Our tutors have been recognised for their continuous commitment to teaching and have been awarded the ‘Top 10 Most Popular Tutor in Perth’ in the ‘Most Popular Tutors 2019/20’ Award as deemed by Tutors Australia.In addition to this, we also facilitate guest lectures by doctors that help inspire high school students to pursue a career in medicine.


Leeming Senior High School ( English Block), Aulberry Parade, Leeming. WA 6149.

Shenton College (Borneo House), 227 Stubbs Terrace, Shenton Park. WA 6005.

Enrolment/ Enquiries

If you wish to master UCAT, click here to get in touch via email or call us at 0428 425 785 / 0434 513 439.

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